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Local Attractions

Welcome to Riverside, where endless adventures await! Discover the vibrant cultural scene in downtown, explore the city's rich history at iconic landmarks like the Mission Inn Hotel & Spa, and immerse yourself in nature at the serene UC Riverside Botanic Gardens. Whether you're seeking outdoor thrills, artistic inspiration, or family fun, Riverside offers something for every traveler. 

To discover all the Riverside County has to offer, explore Western Riverside County.

To discover all that Riverside has to offer, explore the city's tourism website below: Visit Riverside. 



Downtown Riverside beckons with a treasure trove of activities and attractions to explore. Delve into the city's rich history with a stroll along the pedestrian-friendly Main Street, where boutique shops, historic landmarks, and vibrant…

Beyond Downtown

Venture beyond downtown Riverside to uncover a wealth of outdoor adventures and cultural experiences. Explore the serene beauty of the UC Riverside Botanic Gardens, where lush landscapes and exotic plants await. Wander through the historic…