Culinary Experience


Led by Executive Chef Brad Martin of ABC’s television show The Taste fame, the Riverside Convention Center offers the finest, unconventional culinary experience in the convention business today. Proudly preparing farm fresh produce and vegetables from locally sourced growers, the convention center offers an unlimited variety of specialized menu items. The culinary team prides itself in presenting a unique and innovative partnership with Loma Linda University Health, one of the nation’s leading medical research universities, offering meals prepared with only the healthiest ingredients – and with special attention to the preparation of delicious dishes for our vegetarian, vegan and gluten free guests.

Chef Brad

The Riverside Convention Center is Pleased to Present its Seasonally Inspired Menus

Each season, the diverse culinary team at the Riverside Convention Center is tasked with the creation of seasonally inspired menus featuring best of season ingredients, hand selected from our local farms and orchards by our Executive Chef Brad Martin and his team of culinary professionals. Menus for our Spring Season feature: New Zealand Garlic Herb Roasted Rack of Lamb, Citrus Herb Roasted Salmon, a variety of fresh garden herbs and vegetables, eclectic salads, with hints of citrus, complimented by a Strawberry Rhubarb Mascarpone Crepe with Salted Caramel Sauce dessert.

Each menu will showcase unique specialty cocktails, such as frozen pink lemonade and fresh fruit sangria with its complex flavors of brewed and fermented spirits, along with other low and no-alcohol beverages. The seasonal cocktails feature our new “custom created” bar displays to further highlight the ambiance of any event.


culinary collage

“Utterly Delicious!”

— Chef Anthony Bourdain, mentor chef, ABC television’s The Taste, after sampling a meal prepared by Executive Chef Brad Martin


RUSD CTE: Culinary “Chopped” Event at the Riverside Convention Center 2024.