The Mission Inn Hotel & Spa is an iconic landmark that sits in the heart of downtown Riverside, California. The historic hotel is a must-visit destination for anyone traveling to the area, whether you're a history buff or simply looking for a luxurious getaway.

Built in 1876, the Mission Inn has undergone numerous renovations and expansions over the years, resulting in a unique blend of architectural styles that range from Spanish Colonial Revival to Gothic and Moorish. The hotel's impressive façade is a sight to behold, with its intricate arches, towers, and domes that make it stand out as one of the most striking buildings in the region.

Inside, the Mission Inn boasts a stunning collection of art and artifacts, including priceless antiques, rare books, and historic documents. Visitors can take a self-guided tour of the hotel's public spaces, including the rotunda, Spanish patio, and famous Music Room, which has hosted celebrities and dignitaries from around the world.

If you're looking to pamper yourself, the Mission Inn's award-winning spa is the perfect place to unwind and relax. The spa offers a variety of treatments, from massages and facials to body wraps and hydrotherapy sessions, using only the finest natural ingredients to leave you feeling rejuvenated and refreshed.

And when it comes to dining, the Mission Inn has something to suit every taste and occasion. From the elegant fine dining experience at The Mission Inn Restaurant to the casual outdoor dining at Las Campanas, there's no shortage of options to choose from.

The Mission Inn Hotel & Spa is a one-of-a-kind destination that is steeped in history, luxury, and charm. Whether you're interested in architecture, art, or simply looking to indulge in some pampering, a visit to the Mission Inn is a must-do activity when traveling to Riverside, California. With its stunning design, rich history, and luxurious amenities, the Mission Inn is sure to leave a lasting impression on any visitor.